At Total South Africa, our goal of being a responsible corporate citizen is at the heart of our operations and we strive to add sustainable value in our interactions with all our stakeholders, whether they be customers, suppliers, employees or communities. Our Corporate Social Investment focuses on four areas namely Environmental Conservation, Education, Social Development and Heritage. Fete de la Musique is a good partnership as it fits in beautifully with Total’s Heritage focus, which is the promotion of music, drama, art and culture among the youth of South Africa.

With a 40-year history and over 300 awards the Market Theatre Foundation is celebratory of its past, anchored to the present and visionary about its future. The Market Theatre Foundation remains at the forefront of producing and presenting cutting edge work that has an authentic South African artistic voice and which is inclusive of the rich tapestry of South African diversity.

The Mall that celebrates South African Culture
The vision for this prestigious new retail, restaurant and office development is geared to further revitalise Joburg’s iconic historic Newtown precinct. The entire development embodies a holistic vision – connecting the past, present and future of this built environment with care and flair. Newtown Junction will be sustainable while preserving Joburg’s history and revitalising our heritage, and create a space that is relevant to those who live, work and travel in the city today. Newtown Junction is a unique, lively hub where people can shop, eat, relax, linger and connect with one another and the unique and compelling city legacy surrounding them.

The Alliance Française was established in 1883 in Paris by eminent figures of the arts, the sciences, and politics to ensure the influence of the French language and culture around the world. Alliance Française in South Africa provides a wide-ranging performing arts program presenting a unique mix of theatre, music, visual arts and dance, with the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in partnership with local companies or cultural bodies. The association Alliance Française in South Africa is a state-approved public benefit organization.

As the cultural agency of the French Embassy in South Africa, IFAS-Culture organizes artistic events throughout the country all year round. Events organized and supported by IFAS take place in venues and festivals throughout the country, allowing the Institute to establish relationships with various South African partners. As part of its mission, IFAS-Culture encourages cultural diversity and exchanges between South Africa, France and the rest of the African continent by supporting artistic events ranging from contemporary dance, theatre, puppetry and music, to contemporary art exhibitions and literature.

Bassline Live is a live music events production and artist agency business that grew out of the iconic Bassline venue in Johannesburg. In its 24 plus year history The Bassline became an institution amongst Joburg music fans, while also developing a reputation for producing major outdoor music events.