Zetina Mosia

Ghanaian/South African cutting edge jazz vocalist Zetina Mosia experiments with combining Jazz, Funk, DubStep and Trip-Hop creating a genre of music South Africa has still yet to define. With her soon to be released debut album, titled “The Round About” she takes one on a complete circle of emotions. Fusing traditional jazz with trip-hop and funk elements over conscious meditative lyrics her voice transports you into a world where the soul is sometimes too shy to enter.

From loving, hating, philosophizing about life in the universe to basically playing around and finding that child in ourselves, she helps us to enjoy that life is completely unimportant and irrelevant whilst being extremely serious and in need of protection from hurting.

Zetina’s music carries the discipline required for jazz, while still challenging the boundaries of Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Drum ‘n Bass and Dub music. Interestingly, as a live-act Zetina Mosia brings together digital technology such as an MPD and loop station, while merging live instruments to create a funky ‘transportative’ sonic journey.

With every performance Zetina and her band delivers it is always a blend of musicology that is ground-breakingly different.