Sax Machine feat. Davu

Hip Hop Jazz trio, SAX MACHINE is a return back to the future of “Great Black Music”: hard bop, afro beat, funk or hip hop collide into a new and unstoppable alloy. SAX MACHINE is an alchemical formula imagined by saxophonist & beatmaker Guillaume Sené (Like Jam, Leon Newars) and trombonist Pierre Dandin (Sergent Garcia, Malted Milk) that transforms the art of improvisation into a mesmerizing horns colored groove mixed and merged with loopers and machines.
From murals to music, from poetry to theater and film, from beats to rhymes; emcee, poet, keyboardist, video artist, and producer DAVU is a multidisciplinary artist constantly searching for new ways of expression. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to a musical family, DAVU was first introduced to music by his grandfather, who was a guitarist with the Isley Brothers for many years. His old school hip-hop flow and his poetic rhymes prove that mind can revive hip-hop.

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