Lerato Lichaba

Lerato Lichaba is a self-taught guitarist, composer, arranger and all-round conceptualist. He is the founder and band leader of the prolific Soweto ensemble, Urban Village. His music style is inspired by his life experiences and how different cultures and traditions blend in the language of his music. Lerato’s latest music project, Corners of Forgotten Theories (COFT), aims to create a new music language that will take listeners to a forgotten yet familiar place. He recently released his single, Corners of Forgotten Theories, available on all digital platforms.

Corners of Forgotten Theories was inspired by the scarcity of knowledge that defines us as an African people beyond our modern lifestyle. We are increasingly moving away from our identity and cultural dominion and thus not putting into place structures and platforms that complement our traditions and heritage. COFT is thus a soundscape of musical freedom that aims to channel Africans as spiritual and emotional beings first.

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